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Criminal Charges

If you are charged or arrested for a criminal offense, whether something as simple as a DUI or as serious as a violent crime, Cates & Garvey Law Group, PLLC. is here to help you. No one should face the criminal justice system without experienced legal representation. It can be a confusing situation with severe consequences if you fail to take the appropriate steps to safeguard your rights. With an experienced Lake Havasu City criminal defense lawyer, you can have confidence that the right actions will be taken on your behalf, as our firm provides you with a knowledgeable and skilled legal defense.

The importance of obtaining legal counsel immediately cannot be underestimated. Law enforcement is out for a quick conviction and may attempt to get you to make a statement that can cost you dearly later on. By retaining our firm, we will pursue all possible methods of providing you a strong defense and advising you of your best legal options.

You can count on our dedicated legal representation no matter what charges you may be facing.

Prescription Fraud

The increase in the illegal use of prescription drugs has grown exponentially in recent years, and lawmakers have responded with increased penalties.


A person who operates a vehicle or boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs may experience impaired control and perception, often leading to an accident.

Federal Crimes

It isn’t unusual for an individual to feel intimidated on discovering that he or she is being investigated or is being arrested for federal crimes.

Sex Crimes

With the overload of media attention given to various sex crimes in its’ unending search for sensation, legislators, prosecutors and law enforcement alike have jumped on the band wagon….

Theft Crimes

Being accused of theft or arrested for theft is a shocking experience which leaves a person with a great many unanswered questions and uncertainties.

Violent Crimes

There are great efforts being made by law enforcement in the Prescott area to reduce the number of violent crimes in the area, and if you have been arrested and charged with such a crime….

White Collar Crimes

Our current economic downturn has resulted in an upsurge in the instances of white collar crime arrests, and many individuals are suffering from the fear of conviction of a serious federal offense.

Drug Crimes

The state of Arizona is especially harsh on those convicted of drug crimes. Arizona is known as a “gateway” state, meaning that there is a large flow of drugs from Mexico to the rest of the United States through Arizona. If you are convicted of illegal drug possession or possession for sale, you could end up losing your assets, personal property and real estate. Authorities take into consideration the amount of the drug, the type of illegal drug as well as where the offense occurred in order to determine the severity of penalties. If you have been charged with drug sales or distribution, it is likely that you will face an unsympathetic court and a vicious prosecutor. An experienced criminal defense lawyer is invaluable during this trying time in your life. Contact one of the skilled lawyers at our firm for assistance and legal representation if you are facing any of the following drug charges: manufacturingtraffickingimportation or cultivation.

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Our team of Lake Havasu criminal defense lawyers are dedicated to providing you with personal attention and highly qualified staff who care about you and the outcome of your case. Our firm has over 80 years of combined experience fighting for our client’s rights. Whether in state or federal court, our team is available to aggressively represent you in the investigation, plea bargain or trial steps of your defense.

A criminal conviction carries heavy penalties that you should do your best to avoid. Choosing our firm will help you in seeking to avoid severe penalties. You may be facing such penalties as steep fines, probation, mandatory drug or alcohol programs and jail or prison time. A conviction will adversely affect the rest of your life, as having a conviction on your record will make it difficult to find employment and effect even the most basic of actions, such as housing or bank loans. Don’t let this happen to you, contact our office for an initial consultation to discuss your case.

Contact a Lake Havasu City criminal defense attorney when you are facing criminal charges.


What Our Client Have To Say About Us

After crossing the CA/AZ border in Yuma, AZ, I was detained by the Border Patrol when it was discovered that I had a marijuana pipe in my car. I contacted Mr. Cates, an AZ criminal attorney who took my case. His expertise and professionalism, as well as his staff’s professionalism were amazing. Mr. Cates took complete charge and worked diligently on my behalf for several months and was able to have my case dismissed. If you have any type of criminal matter that needs the attention of an outstanding Arizona criminal attorney Mr. Cates is the only one I would recommend. In retrospect his fees where an excellent value in light of the fact that I will not be subject to a criminal record.


I was on a road trip going from Ca to AZ and got caught at the border patrol inspection center in Yuma. I received a citation for possession of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia with the court date attached. I immediately contacted Mr. Cates and his law office for help. The staff there are very knowledgeable and respond quickly to any phone calls or emails regarding the case. Mr. Cates was able to get my case dismissed, with all charges dropped. I’m amazed in how short of time he was able to get it taken care of for me. I would not hesitate to hire Mr. Cates; he is a very experienced and responsive lawyer that provides excellent results!!


My husband retained Mr. Cates in Oct. 2010 after he was arrested and wrongfully charged with possession of marijuana and transportation of marijuana for sale. Both charges were serious F2 felony violations and to add fuel to the fire my husband was not a “legal” U.S. citizen (but was in the process of obtaining legal status). Upon contacting Mr. Cates he was very confident he could be of assistance and very knowledgeable of the law. I’ll admit after 2 1/2 months my husband and I became a bit pessimistic about the outcome of the case but Mr. Cates always assured me he was putting for a valiant effort. Well needless to say I received a call from Mr. Cates assistant on 2/15/11 stating the charges against my husband were being dropped!!! Mr. Cates remained confident the state’s case was weak and he would go to bat for us. I say if you need a good criminal defense attorney PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL MR. CATES!! HE CANNOT WORK “MAGIC” BUT HE WILL DO HIS BEST TO ENSURE FAIR & JUST OUTCOME.


My ex-fiancé who came here on a fiancé visa that was about to expire made false accusations of child molestations against me. Probably out of her hurt feelings because I explained to her that I was not going to get married with her anymore and probably also because someone had advised her to make these accusations because there is a special visa category for “victims of a crime”. She was expecting permanent legal residency as a result of her false accusations.

This was like a nightmare for me and I could not believe that it was actually happening. I quickly learned that it is very easy for an innocent man to land in jail in these cases and i understood that I needed an experienced AZ attorney for Criminal Law. I could not sleep anymore in the night and was expecting the police anytime to come to arrest me. Dwane Cates knew what he had to do and sent me to an expert for polygraph tests. He was very friendly, professional and had reasonable fees. The polygraph test showed that I was saying the truth and I was never arrested or officially charged with anything. If someone would ask me for advice who to consult in a Criminal Law matter in Arizona, Dwane would be my first recommendation.


I retained Dwane Cates when charged with 6 felony counts by Yuma County. Dwane and his assistants were very responsive, knowledgeable and informative. I am very satisfied Dwane pled my case down to 2 misdemeanors (conditional felonies until i complete my unsupervised probation). Needless to say i would highly recommend Dwane Cates.

Customer Service Policy
We practice law the old fashioned way; by putting the client first. Our attorneys and support staff understand the importance of staying in frequent communication with our clients, and we are always willing to provide up-to-the-minute information on the status of our clients’ legal matters. We pride ourselves on offering personal service. We are small enough that you are a person to us, not just a case or file number.