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Drug Cultivation Charges in Lake Havasu City

Cultivating drugs involves the production and growth of illicit drugs or controlled substances. Many of these drugs are cultivated in what are called “grow houses” in residential areas. Recently many cultivators are using federal park land to plant and cultivate such drugs as marijuana as well. An arrest and charges for this crime can be quite severe, with the severity depending on the amount of drugs being cultivated. Cultivation is considered a felony in Arizona and is punishable by a mandatory sentence which can be up to seven years in prison. When charged with a drug cultivation crime, consult with a Lake Havasu criminal defense lawyer in order to have us help you with a legal strategy to fight your charges.

Defending You Against Cultivation Charges

Any drug crime conviction can adversely affect your future, but with a cultivation charge, many will see you as a professional involved in drugs and your future prospects will be difficult. Employers seeing such a conviction on your record will shy away from hiring such a person and housing will also be hard to find. Avoiding this type of conviction is crucial to your future. With the legal assistance of Cates & Garvey Law Group, PLLC., you stand an improved chance of having your charges reduced or dismissed.

Evidence obtained against you for a cultivation charge often includes paraphernalia associated with growing drugs, such as seeds, plants, lighting systems and others. If any of this material was obtained through illegal search and seizure, you may be able to challenge this evidence against you. With the extensive experience our firm has in defending client in both the state and federal court systems for drug crime charges, you can feel secure your legal counsel is well equipped to fight for your freedom.

When arrested or charged with drug cultivation, contact a Lake Havasu Drug Cultivation Lawyer to discuss your case.

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