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Drug Importation in Lake Havasu City

Drug Importation is charged when an individual or individuals brings narcotics or other controlled substances into the state of Arizona from another jurisdiction or country. These controlled substances can include marijuana, crystal meth, cocaine, heroin, and prescription drugs, among others. Importation offenses are taken very seriously in the state, and if arrested you face felony charges and may be prosecuted in a state court, or a federal court depending on the circumstances of your case. Penalties for a conviction include heavy fines, probation, mandatory drug rehabilitation programs, and prison time. Contact a Lake Havasu criminal defense attorney today if you are facing importation charges, and ensure that your rights are fully represented in the course of your trial.

Legal Representation in your Importation Case

Due to the severe penalties that come with an importation conviction in Arizona, you want to ensure that you are not facing your importation charges alone. The consequences of such a conviction can have substantial negative effects on your life that last long after you have paid your debt to society. An attorney who is skilled and experienced in drug crime defense can investigate the prosecution’s case against you and determine whether or not your rights were violated at any time, or if mistakes were made on their part. Cates & Garvey Law Group, PLLC. has been defending individuals in criminal cases for many years, so we have the experience necessary to provide an effective defense in your drug crime case. We will be dedicated and tireless in representing your best interests in court, and will do our maximum to increase your chances of a conclusion to your case that is very favorable to you.

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