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Arizona has strict drug crime laws as a result of the huge amount of drugs that are coming in from Mexico. We are considered a “gateway state” and drugs come through our area for distribution throughout the country. For this reason, prosecutors aggressively pursue a conviction in such cases, and these offenses are usually charged as felonies. Even for first time offenders, there are substantial penalties which include probation, fines and possible jail time. When facing drug crime charges, contact a Lake Havasu criminal defense attorney who will discuss your case with you and suggest the best course of action for your defense.

Possession of drugs can range in severity, from having a minor amount of drugs for personal use to larger quantities. With larger quantities in your possession, additional charges of possible trafficking or distribution of drugs may also be charged.

Protecting Your Rights in Lake Havasu City

Cates & Garvey Law Group, PLLC. takes your charges seriously. A conviction can impact the rest of your life, severely affecting your future. You may have problems obtaining certain types of employment with a drug crime on your record and even housing or loans may become difficult to obtain. To protect your rights and ensure your case is defended as aggressively as possible, contact our office for personal service and dedicated legal counsel. Our firm has the resources to carefully evaluate your case and look for any errors in police procedure that may open the door to challenging evidence presented against you.

Our goal as your criminal defense attorney is to get your charges either lessened or dismissed. With our expertise in both state and federal courts, you can rest assured you have skilled legal representation.

Have you been arrested for drug possession? Contact a Lake Havasu Drug Possession Defense Lawyer today to discuss your legal options.

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