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Drug trafficking is the manufacture and distribution of illegal controlled substances. In Arizona, this crime particularly carries some of the steepest penalties of any other drug offense in the state, and it can include considerable federal penalties as well. If you are found guilty of trafficking, you face mandatory prison time with no possibility of probation, and your sentence may be increased depending on the circumstances surrounding the crime and whether you possess a prior record or not. As it is considered such a serious offense, Law enforcement officials and prosecutors will pursue a trafficking case vigorously, and will utilize a variety of means to prove guilt. This includes clandestine methods such as surveillance, wiretaps, confidential informants, and undercover officers. If you have been charged with drug trafficking, then contact a Lake Havasu criminal defense attorney as soon as possible, as you are facing very severe penalties.

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The consequences of a trafficking conviction are significant, and can continue to negatively affect you long after your punishment has been served. Decreased ability to obtain a job, difficulty in purchasing a house or car, and trouble applying for secondary education are all hardships that you may face in the aftermath of such a conviction. At Cates & Garvey Law Group, PLLC. , we have been helping clients in their drug-related cases for many years, and do all we can to ensure that their trials are fair and conducted with the their rights fully represented at all times. We handle criminal cases all throughout Arizona, and we can employ our substantial experience to your benefit, by building a defense in your trafficking case that exposes the holes and errors in the prosecution’s case. Our goal is to obtain the best possible case outcome for you, so call our firm today so that we can begin helping your right away.

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