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Being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs in Lake Havasu can have serious consequences. Anyone stopped for probable cause that is found to be driving with a blood alcohol content of .08% or more is subject to immediate arrest and license suspension. To protect your right to keep your driving privileges, contact a Lake Havasu criminal defense attorney to find out what legal options you may have to fight the charges.

A DUI charge can seriously impact your life in many ways. Once you are arrested, you will have steep fines to pay and will have your license suspended, with a temporary driving permit being granted until your case is decided. It is vital to have a professional represent you during your hearing to attempt to have your charges reduced or dismissed, not only to protect your driver’s license, but to prevent other penalties which can include fines, community service, mandatory substance abuse classes and jail time.

DUI Defenses in Lake Havasu City

Although many believe that once they are arrested for DUI they have no chance of getting the charge dismissed, this is not the always the case. There are many possible defenses a DUI defense lawyer from Cates & Garvey Law Group, PLLC. can employ on your behalf. With over 80 years of combined legal experience, we know exactly what to look for when defending you for DUI. Such things as the field sobriety test, your blood or breath test or even why you were pulled over in the first place can make a difference on whether you will be convicted or not. Our goal is to minimize the impact a DUI charge will have on your life, either by getting your charges reduced, or dismissed altogether. This can enable you to keep your driver’s license and avoid the possible consequences of higher insurance rates, loss of employment and other ramifications.

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