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Prescription fraud encompasses various types of crimes involving illegal use of prescription drugs in some manner. It can involve some type of counterfeiting of prescriptions slips by obtaining blank ones and forging a doctor’s signature, manufacturing fraudulent prescription drugs, or by using prescription drugs that belong to others to sell. Obtaining and selling prescriptions drugs fraudulently in this manner can be a very serious crime, for which Arizona state law has harsh penalties. Being charged with this type of drug crime requires a Lake Havasu criminal defense attorney who knows the laws regarding prescription fraud charges and can develop a defense strategy that will assist you in fighting your charges.

Lake Havasu City Prescription Fraud Attorney

A prescription fraud charge is considered a felony in Arizona, which carries steep penalties if convicted. It can include serious fines, mandatory drug classes, possible property seizure and prison time. A conviction on your record could leave you facing a bleak future, as it will be extremely difficult to find employment or even housing with a drug crime appearing on your record. To attempt to avoid this situation, contacting us at the Cates & Garvey Law Group, PLLC. immediately is important in order to establish a strong defense on your behalf. A full analysis of the facts of your case and how evidence gathered against you was obtained is vital in fighting your charges. We may be able to challenge or dispute some of the evidence against you, thereby reducing or dismissing your charges.

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When charged with prescription fraud, contact a Lake Havasu Prescription Fraud Attorney immediately.

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