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Probation Violations

Probation is given to certain individuals rather than a sentence in jail if they qualify. Certain minor crimes or first time offenders may be given probation by the judge rather than incarceration as an act of leniency. In order to be able to stay on probation, certain guidelines of your probation must be strictly adhered to, or you can have it revoked and be sent to jail to serve the term you would have received in the first place, or even for a longer sentence. If you have violated your probation and have a bench warrant out for your arrest, you must immediately contact a Lake Havasu criminal defense attorney to have your bench warrant addressed so as to fight to take action in avoiding being arrested.

Some of the conditions of probation that must be adhered to include:

  • Appearing for scheduled court dates
  • Reporting regularly to your probation officer
  • Comply with attendance in a court ordered drug or alcohol counseling or class
  • Failing to make court ordered restitution payments
  • Keeping away from known criminals or criminal organizations
  • Have no new charges or arrests

You could be subject to immediate arrest following a probation violation. If a bench warrant has not yet been issued on you, our office may be able to contact your probation officer and work with them into allowing you to keep the original terms of your probation. To find out how we can help you avoid jail, contact Cates & Garvey Law Group, PLLC.

Fighting Your Probation Violation

If a bench warrant has already been issued for your arrest due to violating any terms of your probation, our firm can assist you in attending a court hearing and working with the judge and prosecutor to plead for leniency in allowing you to keep your original terms. Failure to take action will result in you receiving your original jail sentence. This could seriously impact your life, resulting in your losing your freedom. Don’t let this happen to you, do something about your probation violation by taking action with our firm.

Contact a Lake Havasu Probation Violation Attorney if you have violated your probation in some manner.

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